Going Digital in Pearl River, LA

Going Digital in Pearl River, LA

We had the privilege of working with New Jerusalem Praise & Worship Center in Pearl River, LA last week. We had completed some video work for them years back and they called us back, but for audio this time....

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Video For The Arabian.

Video For The Arabian.

The Arabian Theater which is about 80 years old is now able to show movies again.  Ministry Solutions was contacted to install video in this amazing theater that was built in the 1920s.  The city and other groups have been involved in restoring the theatre and they have done a fantastic job.

The Arabian is located in Laurel, MS and is the theater that the Ministry Solutions Head Honcho's father always referenced in his stories about being able to go with his sister to the movies for 25 cents.   Yes, it seems two could go to the "double feature", both having popcorn, a candy bar and drink for a mere 25 cents in the 1950s.  My how times have changed.

We had a great time being part of the restoration process.  If you live in that area be sure to stop by and catch a movie the next time they show one.